About Anatomie

Anatomie is fashion forward, functional designer sportswear. Ideal for travel, Anatomie is a collection that is truly a dream for the woman with an active lifestyle.

A Miami based company, the Anatomie line is designed and crafted in Europe. The guiding philosophy has always been functional fashion. The foundation of the collections are high-performance designer French and Italian fabrics that are durable enough to meet the demands of sports but translate into sophisticated sexy silhouettes that are minimalist, durable and modern. The pieces are easy to care for as they are all machine washable, wrinkle-free and never shrink or fade. It is clothing that you can dress up or down. Extra comfort is created by an exceptionally high percentage of lycra in the fabrics.

The owners, Kate and Shawn Boyer put 100% of their energy and love into this clothing and they stand behind the product.