• Ready to swagger

    Posted on June 22, 2012 by in Travel Clothes for Women

    As I said in my ‘about’ page, when I happened to hear Kate and Shawn speak about Anatomie at a seminar, I knew I had to learn more about these travel clothes for women. The model in the photographs they showed that day looked chic wearing exercise clothes that could take her to an evening out to dinner or even on a plane. Now, I have exercised my entire life and I have a few nice pieces to work out in. But the truth is, I always feel like putting on my oldest shorts and baggy tee shirt when I go out to the gym or to walk/jog. No clue why. Then I feel the inevitable frumpiness walking down the street afterwards. Maybe it’s because I think I am hiding something, from when I was 10 pounds heavier. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable. Also, having just finished a two and a half-year medical journey where camouflage was the name of the game, I became the queen of oversized shirts, big bell-bottomed pants and sneakers. Heels were anathema to me. Now that that phase of my life is past and I am healthy again, I have made the commitment to myself to never leave the house without looking ‘fabulous’. I’m not talking about being all dolled-up in a mini skirt with 6-inch heels. It just means taking a few extra minutes to put on a little mascara, liner, powder and lipgloss. I strive to look polished, instead of drab and dull. The problem is that before Anatomie, my wardrobe had not caught up with my changing self.

    I recently started taking Bar Method classes (great toning and strengthening routine which make me feel much more physically fit) and I’ve noticed that all the women wear the same clothing from a store which shall remain nameless but I’ll call Ms.B. Now, Ms.B’s designs are nice enough but eventually boring because they are the same silhouettes and colors and look like a uniform. Hence, my hunt for another type of performance wear and the subsequent happy accident of running into Kate and Shawn.

    What has happened in the past few weeks as I wear my Anatomie pieces constantly and not just to the gym but to the office and out for the evening, is that I find myself walking straighter; chest up, head held high. Sometimes I even swagger. I thought only men swaggered but I guess it’s not a gender-biased action. I checked the online dictionary and it means ‘to walk or strut with a defiant air’. Defiant is a strong word so I’m going to interject a more workable definition for me: ‘to walk or strut with an audacious step’. I am strutting and feeling truly fabulous when I put these clothes on. There is something about the fabric, the cut of the pants, and adding a silky hoodie when it gets cold inside that makes me feel, dare I say it? European. I always envied the French and Italian women who would saunter down the street in New York, wearing an outfit and swinging their purse like they didn’t have a care in the world. They had swaggering down to an art form. Well, guess what, Now I do too.

    A word about swaggering: it’s much easier in heels. My favorite sandals literally fell apart last week (the heel started to detach in pieces) so after trying on about 20 pairs of shoes in different stores, I found myself stopping by ‘The Naturalizer’ in Dadeland. I know, you’re probably groaning as you read this. Well, I found the cutest pair of neutral-colored sandals with just the right amount of wedge, so comfortable, AND on sale. Just to play it safe, I took a picture in the store and sent it to my best friend who said ‘get them’ right away (What did we do before smartphones?). So now, I am armed and dangerous with my Fiora pants, my gorgeous Trina tank with the Cosima Cozy cover-up draped lightly over my shoulders, and new sandals. Ready to swagger.

    To buy these pants, click on the image below or this link: Fiora pants